EventPro & PMXpert Software Training

PSI provides comprehensive training for new users and refresher training for existing clients.

Training is an integral factor in fully implementing EventPro and /or PMXpert software at your organization. It is also an investment in your software skills, which will continue to benefit you long after the training sessions are over:

Our friendly, expert Trainers provide the knowledge you need to gain the maximum benefit from EventPro and/or PMXpert Software.

Onsite Training

Get face-to-face time with an expert PSI trainer. Onsite training sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own facility, with our trainer customizing the session to cater to the needs of your organization and staff members.

The face-to-face time with your company allows us to determine exactly what you want to achieve with EventPro and/or PMXpert and to incorporate your required processes into EventPro's event management software. We recommend at least 3 concurrent days of training and a class size of 1-6 people to allow for hands-on instruction. Each EventPro user should have his/her own computer and a training prerequisite of basic computer literacy. Your PSI trainer will provide additional information about other training requirements.

For more details or an onsite training quote, contact our Sales Department.

Online Training

Share a computer - virtually - with an PSI Software expert. EventPro and/or PMXpert online training sessions are conducted over the internet and telephone with GoToMeeting, between the trainer and an individual or small group from your company. An unlimited number of training sessions can be booked with a recommended time span of 1 hour each. With GoToMeeting, a web conferencing service, you and the trainer will virtually "share" a computer screen, as if the instructor is sitting right next to you.

Online training is an excellent tool for providing an overview of the event management software to new staff members or for a refresher course for current personnel, when onsite training is not feasible.

For more details or an online training quote, contact our Sales Department.

Online Training with EventPro Online Training with EventPro
Online Training with EventPro Online Training with EventPro

Educational Webinars

With PSI's educational webinars, one of our expert software trainers will cover an EventPro event management or PMXpert maintenance management training topic in a live, interactive presentation via telephone and GoToMeeting.

Depending on the material to be covered, these online training workshops vary from 1-2 hours in length, with up to 20 participants. The trainer will present the in-depth topic material during the webinar, plus reserve time at the end for participants' questions in a live Q&A session.

For more details, or to find out about the next scheduled PSI webinar, contact our Sales Department.