Custom Development

For Your Advanced Event or Maintenance Software Needs... Customized Software

EventPro and PMXpert Software are designed with flexibility in mind so that it can adapt to virtually any industry or organization... However, if you have a particularly unique issue that isn't addressed by our software in its current state, we have options for custom development. If there is something we can do to customize EventPro' or PMXpert software to your requirements, we will be happy to work with you.

Custom development usually falls into two categories: Development Suggestions and Development Requests.

Development Suggestions

If you have a suggestion for an EventPro or PMXpert addition that our developers decide will benefit the event management software program as a whole, that feature will become part of regular EventPro functionality. In that case, the feature development suggestion will be added to the software at no charge to you.

After you submit your suggestion, our Sales and Development teams will review it, and if accepted, begin the process of developing and implementing the change. As you can imagine, timelines for implementation vary, as they depend on the intricacy of the change, other development occurring in the software at the same time, and whether the moon is in the seventh house. An approximate timeline can be developed in consultation with your Account Consultant.

Development Requests

If you require a more significant customization of EventPro or PMXpert software, something that extends beyond the regular scope of the software's functionality, we can review your request, and if accepted, provide a formal quotation for the custom development work with an explanation of costs. If you approve the quotation, we will work with you to schedule the development on a mutually agreed timeline.

To discuss a custom development request, contact our Sales Department.